Event singer to hire singapore


Enhance your event with our live solo band, ideal for weddings, corporate events, private parties, and intimate gatherings. Providing soulful melodies and captivating performances that enhance every moment.


Maggie's journey with music seems to be a beautiful testament to the power of art to bridge gaps where words fail. Her struggle with verbal expression from a young age likely heightened her sensitivity to the emotional depth music can convey. For her, music isn't just a skill or a hobby; it's a language of the soul, one she's fluent in.

Her late start in learning music allowed Maggie to approach her craft with authenticity, unbound by traditional rules. Each note she sings carries not just a melody, but layers of her own experiences, emotions, and interpretations.

Busking is Maggie's playground, more than just a performance, it's a spiritual communion with the world around her. Amidst the ebb and flow of humanity, she felt most alive. Every passerby became a source of inspiration, their stories blending seamlessly into her music and shaping her own journey. It's this exchange of emotions and stories that fuels her passion and keeps her connected to her art, even if she sometimes stumbles over her words or laughs nervously—embracing her charming, awkward side.

You can find her on the streets, inviting listeners to join her on a melodic adventure to "where Maggie is”. She discovers a liberation unlike any other—a space where words fade and she's free to express herself purely through music. With every performance, she hopes to touch the hearts of all who encounter her art.


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